Pastors & Staff

Keith Desso Douglas

Head Pastor

Keith Desso Douglas is the founding Pastor of His Way Baptist Church.
He has been in the ministry for over 38 years and has been pastoring His Way  since 2003.
He has served as Interim Pastor, Associate Pastor  and Minister at various churches in the Houston area.  His great love is seen others experience the power f God in their lives. Transforming lives is his passion.

Johnny Steptoe

Associate Minister

Johnny Steptoe serves as assistant to the pastor.  Assisting the pastor in leading God people, which include visiting the sick, praying for the suffering and giving guidance to the lost.

Angela Brooks


Sister Angela Brooks serves as the church secretary. Her main responsibility is to keep a record of all church activities. Record new members, keep track of baptism and deaths. Correspond with sister churches.

Larry Johnson

Chairman of Deacons

Deacon Larry Johnson serves chairman of the Deacons. A Deacons, primary responsibility is to care for the wellbeing of the congregation. 

Vernon McGowen


Deacon Vernon McGowen is the church treasurer.  He is responsible for handling church finance. He also oversee the budget committee

Reginald Tolden

Minister of Music

Brother Tolden is a gifted musician who brings a fresh atmosphere to the worship experience.  Using a wide range of music to usher in the Holy Spirit  into the  house each service. 

LaCreta Billups

Youth Director

Sister Billups is our youth Director. She is responsible for the growth of our youth. Proving sound study material. Skits and plays to help teach our young ones the true story of Christians both now and as recorded in the bible.

Emma Smith

Outreach  Coordinator

Sister Smith oversees our outreach into the world. She is responsible for keep the church focused on  doing ministry outside the four walls of the sanctuary. She takes the great commission to heart.  Making disciples for Christ

Verlanda McGowen

Vacation Bible School  Coordinator

Sister McGownen oversees our Vacation Bible School Program. VBS is our summer bible study program with strive to incorporate learn the bible while having fun.
During VBS includes class study, art and craft and physical fitness. A great time for all ages.