This ministry is focused toward males of all ages. Using the combined efforts of both men and boys with a common goal of living health, wholesome Christian lives, this ministry strive to improve the well being of males in the community.

The “Be a Man” ministry is a network of brothers helping brothers. Each month brothers meet to discuss issues brothers face on a daily basis. Specific issues a brother may be struggling with currently, with a focus on how and what effect our actions may have on the world, but more importantly, how does our actions align with the work of God. We strive to show that God should be involved in every aspect of our daily lives.

The discussions are designed to allow brothers to not only view their opinions but also hear the opinions of others. As the dialog flows, brothers begin to shape and define their own belief as it relates to God and the world.

The iron sharpen iron approach.

Secondly, brothers working with younger brothers to help them shape and define their own characters in a positive manner.

D. L. Hugley said, “you have to see a man to “Be a Man.”

Men working with you boys as mentors and guides so the road to manhood can be a little smoother. One of our men’s goals are to help our young brothers not make some of the same mistakes we made. We are there to steer them around some of the pit falls of live while helping them navigate the dangerous curves that may lie ahead.

Alone with the monthly meetings, we are also involved in other activities as a group.

Such as:
  1. Sports outing –Professional football, basketball and baseball games.
  2. Camping trips
  3. Fishing trips
  4. Community Involvements – Neighborhood cleanups.
This ministry is working to help change lives… at a time.
Feel free to call or email us for more details.